Reptile Tracker Mobile App

by host on Thursday, January 5, 2017 3:14 PM

Reptile Tracker is a free to use cross platform (Android, Apple, Windows, browser) mobile app for tracking feeding and breeding data for a reptile collection. I only keep Ball Pythons so the focus was snakes but could easily be modified to be broader. The starter app provided, includes a fully functioning mobile application and the Google Sheets required to store the data.


What the app does:

  • Mobile data collection app primarily for tracking Feeding and Breeding activity
  • Stores all data and images in Google Sheets/Drive
  • Barcode scanner for selecting animals to track
  • Stores ID, Image, Description and Default Food Item of each animal to be tracked
  • Inventory tracking of food items so you know when to reorder
  • Can easily be modified by you in AppSheet to include other reptiles, add new functionality or change the color scheme


What it doesn’t do:

  • Cost you anything - donations accepted PayPal Me
  • Come with any guarantee that it will work for you or meet all your needs
  • Come with customer support - I will attempt to address questions, bugs, enhancements if I have time but no guarantees
  • Analyze the data or provide any reports based on the collected data - this will be the subject of a following blog
  • Generate Bar Codes - I used this site ( but the app can read any Bar or QR Code



  • A Google account with Google Drive
  • A mobile device with the AppSheet app installed, or can be run on a browser


How to get started:

  • From a laptop or PC (non mobile device), sign into AppSheet with your Google Drive account
  • Go to my AppSheet portfoio -
  • Click the See it in Action button for Reptile Tracker
  • Click Copy this app and then click the Copy app button on the pop up
  • This will create a copy of the Reptile Tracker app and the Google Sheets to support it and open the app in edit mode in AppSheet
  • Look around if you are interested and test out the fully functional app displayed on the right side of the screen
  • Click on My Apps to close the development mode and you will see the new Reptile Tracker app on your list
  • The new Google sheet is called Pairings.gsheet


            Reptile Tracker
            Dream Machine
            Z FireFly
            OD Fire YB Pin
            Reptile Tracker
            Mobile app template for tracking
            Feeding and Breeding activity
            Copy this app
            Look under the hood
            Data for this app
            OS App Sheet Data
            8/20/2016 Dream Machine
            8/26/2016 Dream Machine
            Mouse Jumbo
            Mouse Jumbo
            Food St

    To get the app on your mobile device:

    • You should have received an email to the Google address used to create the Reptile Tracker app
    • Click the Install the app link in the email


    • Download and install the AppSheet app from your app store
    • Open the AppSheet app and sign in with the same account you used when copying the Reptile Tracker app
    • Click Allow to give AppSheet access to the necessary functionality
    • If Reptile Tracker is your only AppSheet app, it will usually launch it, if not use the Menu icon in the top left to select the App Gallery and then pick the Reptile Tracker app







      • Tracking is the default view and is used to capture dates for Feeding, Shed, Weight, Sold or general Comments for a specific animal
      • The Main Tracing Screen page provides a list of the last 60 days of tracking data grouped by animal
      • Clicking on an record will show a list of tracking items for that animal in the last 60 days
      • The number next to the animal name is the number of days since the last Feeding date
      • Clicking on a date record for that animal will show the tracking Detail for the record
      • In the Detail view you can swipe left or right to see the next/previous record
      • To capture new tracking info click the + icon on the Main Tracking Screen or on the animal Tracking List
      • If you start from the Main Tracking Screen the form is populated with default values for Date, Food State and Activity
      • The Date defaults to the date of the last tracking entered (this makes it faster to enter multiple records for the same date)
      • All fields can be changed as needed, some are dropdowns populated from data in the Google Sheet (Snake, Activity, Food).
      • When an animal is selected it will populate the Default food item if one exists for that animal
      • The animal can be selected by choosing one from the dropdown list of animals or by clicking the Barcode Scanner icon

      • The Barcode Scanner feature will open your camera to scan a barcode or QR code that identifies your animal. The scanned animal must exist on your list of animals.




    Main Tracking Screen

    Tracking Details